[SOLO] Ralana Eatery

Located on Jalan Slamet Riyadi which is the center of the city does not mean keep its place narrow, mentang-raw price of land nih, hihihi. This one restaurant is spacious!
There is a 2nd floor sky lounge area, indoor area with air conditioning and non-AC for smoking area, outdoor area complete with stage, and VIP meeting room. There is live music too. No wonder if we are so prolonged to spend time here.
The menu is popular in this residence Ralana-style ribs. Package cost 50 thousand rupiah. It includes rice, salad, and soup. The eyelashes are soft. Seasoning there is a sense of honey and ginger so. Somewhat spicy. Usually if the ribs in the hotel or restaurant that many tastes bland, if this is tasty really deh. The Indonesian tongue fits. Rich herbs.
Drinks that the original pineapple fruit container it is a kind of mix juice from the original fruit, there is pineapple, orange, and guess what? Ginger! Yup, I do not think the blend is unique. It feels good! Fresh!
Two other beverages are red with fresh strawberries, and purplish blue with a sprinkling of colorful bubbles. Both of them have flavor like mint or squash soda