[SOLO] Mom Milk

Today many milk cafes are mushrooming in big cities, Mom Milk's cafe is one of the famous. From the interior, this cafe is thick with shades of wood and dim lighting. Very classic and homey.
In Mom Milk cafe visitors can choose indoor or outdoor place. Wanting to enjoy the fresh air while hanging out, I chose an outdoor place. A waiter came to me to give me a menu book, there were variants of cow's milk taste and food menu. There I ordered a regular glass of blueberry milk. Dairy prices in this place quite affordable, ranging from Rp 12,000 to Rp 18,000, depending on the size of the glass.
While waiting for the milk to be made, I walked around the cafe to the inside, I was curious about the atmosphere and interior. Arriving inside I found a room with tables and chairs that still use natural wood color, only the difference between the table and chairs in this room is very long. The walls are decorated with leaves, wooden frames, black graffiti, and a tree in the corner.