Cool Features from WiforGo

By using WiforGo, you can....
Find Wi-Fi Locations

Find WiforGo's merchants with free Wi-Fi

Easy Wi-Fi Connection

just tap WiforGo

Download Menus

Want to go to a cafe but want to check the menu first?

Get Discounts

By joining WiforGo you are eligible to receive discount promos and free products from many participating merchants

Transaction Ease

WiforGo provides easy transaction facilities with its merchants. You may even get a discount whilst transacting!

Be Rewarded

By using WiforGo, you can get attractive gifts, whether its your birthday, a holiday or on other special days.

Four Steps to Join WiforGo

There are a few easy steps to enjoy the benefits of joining WiforGo.
  • 1. Install

    Install WiforGO App from PlayStore or AppStore.

  • 2. Register

    Register at WiforGo App by inserting your data.

  • 3. Select Promos

    Browse the selection of promos and choose the one you like.

  • 4. Connect to Merchant's Wi-Fi

    Scan Merchant's QR Code to Get Free Internet Access and Promotional Deals.

    Our Merchants

    We have many merchants and there are many more planning to join the WiforGo ecosystem where everyone benefits from working together.

    Install and Join WiforGo

    Download WiforGo according to your OS device, then get all the benefits.

    Get in Touch

    Feel free to contact us
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    +62 895-33-1919-208

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